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Proactive Tax Advice

Getting answers before you need them

What does working with a Proactive Tax Advisor look like?

Imagine knowing you’ve got a CPA on-call, year-round, to answer all your tax questions. Imagine fast, responsive service, deep, nuanced knowledge, and best of all, the guidance and support you need to implement the strategies we come up with. Now imagine all that for one fixed fee, never wondering “how much is all this going to cost me,” “why is my bill so much higher this year,” etc. The firm of the future is focused on you and your real-time tax needs, not stretching out an hourly bill to charge you as much as possible to simply report to the IRS what already happened.

How do we deliver such great results?

There are several keys to our success.

  1. Most importantly, it truly is a collaborative effort. You’ve got to be willing to engage in the process, to provide the real-time information that we use to analyze your tax picture and strategize for both short-term as well as long-term success. It involves several meetings throughout the year for the most active situations, and at least one meeting towards the end of the year for absolutely everyone wanting more than just after-the-fact tax recording.
  2. Another key factor is fixed-fee billing. You should know up front what we’re going to charge, and once that’s paid we’re free to deliver the results we’re seeking, whatever it takes to get it done. Ultimately, you pay your CPA for the results they deliver, not for how long it took for them to get the job done.
  3. I think the last most critical piece is working with a tax pro who has really taken the time to understand the rules with an eye towards all the tax advantages that Congress and the Courts have provided. You see, the vast majority of tax training and education is focused on compliance, understanding the tax rules so that you can apply them to transactions that are already completed, that you are now reporting to the IRS. It takes an entirely different viewpoint, a 180 degree shift in mindset, when studying the rules to really understand how to leverage the many (and when I say many, I mean the tax code is FULL of them if you know where to look) tax advantages available in to a taxpayer in any given situation. Believe me when I say that very very few tax “pros” have taken the time to develop the mindset and knowledge base to truly be great tax advisors.

Timing is Everything

When to work on tax planning with your CPA

Do you want to know the absolute worst time to try and do any tax planning? That’s right, it’s the same time of year most of you are interacting with your CPA, January through April. I say that for 2 reasons. One is that THE YEAR IS ALREADY CLOSED AND DONE, and the vast majority of opportunities to affect your tax results are already over. The second is that THAT IS THE BUSIEST TIME OF THE YEAR for tax pros, they simply don’t have the time or psychic space to really think deeply and creatively about your tax situation. You should know that if you are like most taxpayers, and submit all your information to your tax pro in February or March, and file by April, and are also expecting to get great tax planning service, it’s simply not going to happen. And it never will.

Are you ready for something different?

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how to get started

Are you ready to work with us?

Not everyone is a good candidate for this approach. If you aren’t willing to change the way you’re doing things, this probably isn’t for you. If you think you can just pay us some money and we do all the work to get you great results, you’re out of luck. If you’re looking for someone “willing to get creative (wink wink)” we definitely aren’t the right firm for you. However, if you’re sick and tired of feeling like you’re paying way too much in taxes, always scrambling to come up with your next tax payment, never knowing how much you’ll owe and when, and you’re ready to really put in some work to get different results, well, I think you’ve found the firm to work with to take your tax service needs into the 21st century.

Sounds great! Where do I sign up?

First step is to fill out a new client questionnaire

Then upload all requested documents to our portal 

Once that’s done, you’re ready to book a complementary discovery session 

(Please give us 3 business days to review your documents before we have our first meeting).

Remember, not everyone looking to save on taxes is a good candidate for this process. And even if you are a good candidate, we simply can’t work with EVERYONE who could benefit from our services. However, when this process works, it can be truly transformational for a client’s long-term financial success. We look forward to connecting with you to see if that’s you.

(Please note that we DO NOT ACCEPT ANY NEW CLIENTS between February and April of each year. If you are reading this during that timeframe, please book your discovery call sometime after May 1st).


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